Tread mill trainer


A tread mill is an effective tool in the daily training of your horses. Training on the tread mill improves the heart function by approximately 50% without enlarging the heart. This improves the transport of oxygen through the blood vessels. Additionally, less lactic acid is built up in the muscles. A tread mill has a positive effect on the entire condition and stamina of the horse. Additionally, a tread mill contributes to a better blood flow in the back and limbs and an improvement of the buildup of the muscles. As a result, a tread mill is an excellent tool to employ for training certain groups of muscles or for rehabilitation.

The possibilities

iDots tread mills take up relatively little space and can easily be placed in a space with a roof. This allows you to help your horses perform their daily exercise in a safe way and with minimal human effort, 365 days a year. With the control box, you can regulate the time and the speed. If you also wish to change the angle, the tread mill can be fitted with a height feature. You can train your horses even more goal-oriented with an optional programmable training computer.

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The standard tread mill has a size of approximately 4 x 2 x 1.5 meters (lxwxh) and is fitted with a gangway. The track is approximately one meter wide and three meters long and consists of a rubber belt with great traction. The control box can be operated easily and the tread mill can be stopped immediately with the emergency brake. Your tread mill will be delivered to you completely assembled by our staff or an authorized salesman.


The tread mill can tailored to your wishes completely. For example, the protective powder coating can be applied in your company color(s). A few options are:
- control box with programmable computer
- height features
- galvanized steel or stainless steel

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