Track roofing


In order to keep your horses in great condition, you’ll prefer to be able to train in all kinds of weather. A track roofing provides your horses with optimal protection from the sun, rain and wind, while also letting in fresh air and sufficient light. Moreover, the track always stays dry. This allows you to exercise your horses in a comfortable environment throughout the entire year.

If you do not use the midsection of the horse walker, you can choose a track roofing. This is financially more advantageous. If you do prefer to utilize the inner circle, you can choose a completely closed roofing, also called a longe roofing. The engine of the horse walker is placed in the crest of the roof which allows you to use your horse walker as a longe arena as well: a so-called multi- or combi-trainer.

The possibilities

A track roofing covers the track of the horse walker across a width of approximately 4.5 meters that leaves the midsection open. Wire mesh windscreens, fencing and sprinkler systems can be integrated into the roof.

In most cases, you can also let us cover your current horse walker. We work with a system that does not require the existing horse walker to be disassembled.


The track roofing is available in various formats and versions. The roofing is delivered to you completely assembled by our staff or an authorized salesman. Your horse walker can be covered quickly, depending of the version


The roofing can also be tailored to your wishes and needs completely. Possible options for an iDots track roofing are:
- wire mesh windscreen
- fencing integrated in roofing
- sliding portal
- sprinkler system
- rain gutters above the entrance
- powder coating in company colors (RAL colors)


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