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Het paard is volledig te observeren door de doorzichtige glazen kijkvensters rondom de Aquatrainer
Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems is the market leader in the field of aquatrainers. The professional dressage stable Academy Bartels, rehabilitation clinic L&P Aqua Training and stud farm Tacx Stables; these are merely a few examples from a long series of companies that use our aquatrainer. We know that minimal adjustments in training or rehabilitation can determine whether a horse remains or becomes great. Therefore, we have developed a complete concept in collaboration with animal physical therapist Dewi van Mechelen to help you use this piece of training equipment.

The aquatrainer is a unique device used for the rehabilitation and training of horses. Scientific research conducted by Dr. Wim Back of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Utrecht has shown it is an effective new method. He studied the effectiveness of the aqua trainer and the results were positive. The aquatrainer improves stamina, muscular strength, coordination and limberness. The upward force of the water makes the horse “lighter”. Although moving against the water pressure takes a lot of energy because the horse needs to use its entire body, the strain on the joints and sinews is minimal. Therefore, an aquatrainer can be used for most injuries in an early stage and muscular strength will increase quickly rather than decrease. The aquatrainer is also employed for horses with back problems or as a variation on daily training.

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