Horse Solarium


Your horse can only perform on top level if the buildup and training of the muscles are optimal. A solarium can be a great solution. The warmth of the infrared beams improves the blood flow of the muscles which allows blood sugars to be absorbed by the muscles more quickly and waste, such as lactic acids, can be disposed of better. Your horse will recover more quickly and will be less prone to injuries. A solarium can be used as a warming-up before a training or race, because the heat of the solarium advances the elasticity of the muscles. It also sooths existing injuries, dries the coat and brings about a beautiful gleam.

The possibilities

Our solariums are available in various versions, sizes and wattages. A control box is used to regulate the time and intensity. If the solarium also has an elevator, you can select the height of the solarium with the control system. If you have a retirement stable or a riding school you can also give your customers (paid) excess to the solarium via a coin machine.


The iDots solarium is also available in various formats and versions. The solarium is delivered to you completely assembled by our staff or an authorized salesman and can be delivered and installed in the short term.


If you have special needs or wishes, please let us know. Practically everything is possible. A few options for a solarium are:
- control box
- coin machine
- hanging units
- UV-lights
- LED-lights
- powder coating in company colors (RAL colors)


More information?

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