Ebb and flow riding surface


Are you looking for a top-quality surface that is also easy to maintain? Choose an ebb and flow riding surface with integrated sprinkler system. With this system, you can regulate the water level in the ground. This means that you will never have to water from above again. Moreover, you can determine the stability and motion of the surface.

The possibilities

Always a perfect surface. Never too wet, too dry, too loose or too heavy. The pump with ebb and flow technique and the draining system regulate the desired water level in the soil completely automatically. You can attune the soil’s stability to the training of your horses. Our ebb and flow riding surface is suitable for indoor and outdoor arenas. It is a 100% natural product that does not decay the soil.


An ebb and flow riding surface can be delivered in the short term and is assembled by our staff or an authorized salesman. A few options are:
- various types of fencing
- lighting
- pavement
- service contracts


More information?

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