The advantage of a combi-trainer compared to a horse walker is that all available space is utilized optimally. In a combi-trainer, the engine of the horse walker is placed in the crest of the roof. This offers space for a horse walker and a longe arena under one roof. The entire covered combi-trainer offers you the possibility to train your horses safely and comfortably, 365 days a year. The horse walker allows you to fulfill your horses daily needs for exercise and social contact with other horses with minimal effort. You can use the midsection as a longe arena and/or (temporary) storage of materials. The roofing protects your horses from all weather influences and also provides fresh air and sufficient light.

The possibilities

A fence is placed in between the longe arena and the horse walker. The fences in the horse walker ensure that the horses are separated from each safely. These fences can be fitted with electricity. With the control box, you can regulate the time, direction and speed: walking or walking/trotting. It is best to choose a solid surface such as bricks, because the vibrations strengthen the sinews and muscles. Would you only like to cover a horse walker or longe arena? Or do you prefer an open horse walker? Check out our roofing and horse walkers for the possibilities.


Whichever version you choose, your iDots combi-trainer will be delivered to you completely assembled and “ready-to-use” by our staff or an authorized salesman. The combi-trainer can be operational in the short term, depending on the version. The combi-trainer is delivered as a highly complete product. For example, a basic control system, fences and electricity provisions are included.


The combi-trainer can be tailored to your wishes completely. For instance, think of the roof or fencing powder coat in your company color(s). In addition to the standard facilities and service, we can outfit your iDots combi-trainer with the following options:
- walking/trotting control box with programmable time interval
- various varieties fences
- various types of fencing (wire mesh windscreen among other things)
- sprinkler system
- pavement
- ebb and flow riding surface


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