These past years, Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems has specialized in aquatrainers and everything that has to do with it. Dr. Wim Back, of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht has studied the effectiveness of this training device in training and rehabilitation. The results of this study were highly positive. However, the optimal effectiveness requires proper knowledge of the equipment. Therefore, Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems has developed a unique complete concept in collaboration with an animal physical therapists to assist you in the use of this piece of equipment.


The advantages of an aquatrainer

An aquatrainer improves the stamina, muscular strength, coordination and limberness. This makes the aquatrainer an ideal device to support the daily training. However, one of the most important, if not the most important, advantage of an aquatrainer is that it can be employed in an early stage of rehabilitation.

An aquatrainer allows horses with joint, sinew and bone problems to exercise. The upward force of the water makes the horse feel “lighter”. Although moving against the water pressure requires a lot of energy because the horse needs to use its entire body, the strain on the joints and sinews is minimal. Therefore, muscular strength will increase quickly rather than decrease. By using cold water, the joints and sinews are also cooled.

The aquatrainer is an effective tool for back problems. The pressure of the water stimulates a more active use of the croup causing the horse to tighten its abdominal muscles which results in a better use of the back with more shoulder freedom. This training will help your horse to recover more quickly and carry a rider again pain-free.


The possibilities

The aqua trainer can be attuned to the individual needs of the horse. The speed of the belt and the water level can be adjusted separately. This allows you to set up an accurate training plan with the use of an aquatrainer. The aquatrainer can also be used as a normal treadmill. In that case, the upper part is located above the water. The water under the surface cools down the belt.


Cooperation animal physiotherapist

aquatrainer-loopbandTraining effectively and responsibly with an aquatrainer is not difficult but does require some knowledge of the equipment, the body of the horse and the horse’s recovery. We feel that it is highly important that you achieve optimal results. Therefore, Dewi van Mechelen, renowned animal physical therapist, will assist you for some time after purchasing the aquatrainer. She is also happy to help you in composing and, if necessary, adjusting training programs, even after the intensive assistance.



The aquatrainer can be placed both in or on the ground. Installation in the ground is the best solution if there is no room for the gangway. The rubber belt provides perfect traction. The track is approximately one meter wide and three meters long and can be stopped immediately via an emergency brake. The control box is easy to operate. A water tank and pump are included. The aquatrainer is delivered to you completely assembled by our staff or an authorized salesman.

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If you have any special wishes, please let us know. In addition to the standard facilities and service, we can outfit your iDots aquatrainer with various options, such as:
- water recycling system
- control box with programmable computer
- powder coating in company colors (RAL colors)


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